About Us

Shannon and Tim

We’re Shannon & Tim, owners of Tiki Tim’s Food Truck!  Our goal is to provide each of our customers with quality, affordable dishes. Everything is made to order and we add special dishes to the menu as we’re inspired and with the seasons to ensure we keep our patrons coming back for more.

When we’re not out in the truck or experimenting in the kitchen you can find us anywhere enjoying  the outdoors, spending time with family and friends – all of which are made even better with a good beer and music.

The Truck

First photo of the truck in S. Lake Tahoe before all the updates

It was love at first sight when we found the truck while living in South Lake Tahoe, CA in 2011 pictured here before all of the updates)!  After a little work in CA, it survived the drive back to Minnesota and with A LOT of work at home, it became the truck you see today.

The truck itself is a 1973 Chevy C60 with 40,000 original miles.  We love the unique, old-school look and hope you do too.


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